5G brings new demand, 3M hollow glass sphere material enters PCB application in a big way

In order to meet the high-frequency and high-speed communication requirements of 5G, the circuit board material needs to have better high-frequency characteristics and lower signal loss, and the weight should preferably be lighter and the cost should not be too high. In order to meet market demand, 3M launched a new generation of hollow glass sphere materials. The material has three characteristics of light weight, low signal loss and low cost. It is a high-frequency high-speed (HSHF) resin filler with excellent performance and low dielectric constant.

Hollow glass beads, which were originally widely used in consumer products and packaging materials, have made great gains in the PCB and CCL markets used in 5G equipment due to their excellent high-frequency characteristics, low cost, and lightweight characteristics.

3M hollow glass sphere series products have been in existence for more than half a century, and their high-quality features are widely used in consumer products, Electronic products, packaging, sports goods, etc. But Brian Meyer, president of 3M’s Advanced Materials Products Division, said that the company has never been limited by the existing application of a certain material, and the innovative application of hollow glass spheres is the best proof. As a resin filler, the new hollow glass sphere material can significantly improve the transmission speed of high-frequency signals, while reducing the loss of signal transmission. These properties are well suited to the needs of 5G communications, so the material has been adopted by 5G copper clad substrate (CCL) and printed circuit board manufacturers around the world.

Andrew D’Souza, manager of 3M’s global glass microsphere laboratory, pointed out that the current 3M hollow glass sphere products can be applied to the signal frequency band below 6GHz, but 3M’s footsteps will continue to move forward, hoping that the hollow glass sphere products will move towards the millimeter wave frequency band. develop.

Yin Guozhong, general manager of 3M Taiwan Automotive and Electronics Business Group, said that in addition to traditional weight reduction and heat insulation applications, 3M hollow glass spheres have also developed new products in recent years for 5G heat dissipation applications. In response to accelerating Taiwan’s 5G infrastructure design, we are also cooperating with CCL manufacturers in Taiwan, and have successfully developed cooling products that meet the needs of 5G transmission. We look forward to using technology to improve the spirit of life and bring more benefits to 5G development and infrastructure. Great help and more possibilities.

The lightweight, low signal loss and low cost characteristics of hollow glass spheres can just solve the challenges faced by the popularization of 5G applications. In order to achieve better network coverage and reduce signal delay, 5G networks need to use a large number of micro base stations. Therefore, even base station equipment has high requirements on the size and weight of the product. Lightweight and small particle size fillers have become a new indicator for selecting micro base station erection materials. 3M hollow glass spheres are lightweight, and their volume is about 20 times higher than that of traditional solid mineral fillers of the same weight. In terms of cost per unit volume, the ability of 3M hollow glass spheres to reduce cost and increase performance in many applications cannot be underestimated. Its unique and lightweight characteristics help copper foil substrate designers to create smooth and lightweight 5G copper foil substrates, and then produce printed circuit boards for 5G wireless communication; in addition, 5G-related communication products also use 3M hollow glass spheres. Incorporated into processes such as base station components, radomes, and even cell phone casings.

How to overcome the signal loss and interference of high-frequency communication has always been an important challenge in the production of printed circuit boards, and this problem is even more obvious due to the higher signal frequency of 5G. 3M hollow glass spheres are used as resin fillers, which is helpful for engineers to master the conductive properties of copper foil substrates, reduce the transmission loss under high-frequency signals, and greatly improve the reliability of communication transmission. Among existing materials, 3M hollow glass spheres are one of the fillers with the lowest dielectric constant.

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