Samsung’s next-generation Exynos chip will be equipped with AMD RDNA 2 GPU

At the 2021 Computex Taipei Computer Show held at the end of May, AMD CEO Su Zifeng announced that he would bring his own RDNA 2 architecture GPU to Samsung Exynos SoC to replace the original Mali GPU. Although she did not announce the time when the new generation of chips will come out, a Korean whistleblower recently released the measured data of this SoC.

The whistleblower said that compared with the Mali-G78 MP14 built into the Exynos 2100, the performance of the latest RDNA 2 GPU drops by 20%-30% due to heat during continuous running, but even with a 30% drop in performance, GPU performance Also better than the Mali-G78 GPU. Even the Mali-core Exynos chip, which will be released in 2022, doesn’t have the GPU performance of AMD’s RDNA 2 at its best.

The reporter learned that there are rumors that Google will become the first customer of Samsung’s Exynos SoC, and it is likely that a contract has been signed. In addition, some sources said that Samsung will release this chip as soon as July this year.

Source: C114 Communication Network

Author: carrier pigeon

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